AW: AW: [Mailman-Users] Unable to get Mailman up and running withqmail/vpopmail

Terry Allen hmag at
Sat Nov 27 00:34:54 CET 2004

>Terry, Mark and of course everybody else on the list,
>I didn't want to sound rude or being not thankful about what the mailman
>developers or ist community have done.  I really like mailman.  I am trying
>to get mailman up and running for the past two weeks and I am doing this in
>my sparetime for a hockey club for free.
>All I meantis that it is very difficult to know what to do when everybody
>and every tutorial is offering a different solution.  I understand that it
>is possible to install mailman in any choosen location, but some basics
>should be the same, at least when we all talk about the same mail client.
>So when running mailman together with qmail/vpopmail the way is either to
>use is -with-cgi-gid=mailman or -with-cgi-gid=VCHKPW.  Do you knwo what I am
>trying to say?
>When Jordi offered me his help and I really appreciate any help!!!  He/she
>wrote -with-cgi-gid=apache.  In this case it is absolutely no problem to
>understand that my Apache user/group is "nobody" so I would have to change
>it to -with-cgi-gid=nobody.  So there I see differences on every system, but
>I am missing a main road to success.  Why is that not possible?
>So I hope everybody got my point now.  Thank you very much to all of you
>offering support for free!!!
Hi again,
	Indeed, I knew what you were saying, but the variants of so 
many operating systems makes it nigh on impossible to have things so 
	Like you, I have been struggling with Mailman & trust me, 
once you nail it, you will wonder exactly where you went wrong & why 
when it was so obvious.
	I found the combination of these 3 tutorials the best for my 
system (Mac OSX w/POostfix), but you'll need to substitute your 
system's paths in many places:

	My suggestion is to get the command line way of creating 
lists working firstly, then look at fixing up the web interface - if 
I can help you out, I will try.

	Bye for now, Terry Allen 

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