[Mailman-Users] Replies to Several Questions

Don Keating DonK at dbscompany.com
Wed Oct 13 21:42:53 CEST 2004

Somehow I've gotten subscribed to this Mail List and have no need for it
that I know of.

Someone to tell me how to unsubscribe.

Every time I go to the site to unsubscribe it refuses to let ms into the
"unsubscribe place"



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Subject: [Mailman-Users] Replies to Several Questions

> This is an attempt to offer back a little for the great service
> this list provided me yesterday.
>  . . . and to answer off the top of my head several quick
> questions that today appeared on the list.
> To the new-user, Milton Marks:
> Please link to: http://<host>/mailman/listinfo/<listname>
> for directions on sending an email to your list; and to:
> http://<host>/mailman/admin/<listname>/members
> to access, maintain and build your subscriber list.
> To Heather Carpenter: version 2.1.x now permits the storing
> of a person's real name with their subscription address.
> <INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY>/bin/list_members <listname>
> will list out the folks who are subscribed to a list.  It must
> be run by the server administrator from a command line.
> The results are plain text, one address per line, suitable
> for importation into any number of spreadsheets or databases.
> Olauhdo Stubbs:
> No route to host sounds like a connection issue.  Check your DNS server
> settings, your ability to ping your router and sites external to your
> installation.
> B.G. Mahesh:
> Yes, it is possible to import old emails into the archives.  I did this
> once, after a brief search of google and the mailman list archives.  As
> I recall it was pretty straight forward.  It requires shell access to
> the server installation.  The archives are stored in .mbox format (a
> pretty common email format).  There exist lots of tools for converting
> email formats between one another.  And I believe their is a python
> tool in the mailman distribution used to rebuild the archive once you
> have moved the file into place.  Yes, here it is.  Try:
> <INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY>/bin/arch <listname> <mbox>
> -- Hugh Esco
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