[Mailman-Users] Blocking a list on the server

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Dec 3 03:37:28 CET 2005

Коваленко Иван wrote:
> I mean to temporarly block, i.e. make list unavailable to list owner
> for a period of time, making no changes in it. More precise - freeze
> it. Can i move its directory out of lists/?

Yes, you can move it's directory out of lists/ if that is what you want. 
Doing that will prevent all access to the list except for public 
archives. Attempts to post, administer the list, validate for private 
archive access, etc. will all fail. If you use Exim integrated with 
Mailman as your MTA, post attempts will bounce because Exim will not see 
the list. If you use an MTA with aliases, the post script will exit with 
an error which the MTA may see and bounce the message or not. It may 
depend on the MTA, and I'm not sure.

Nothing will actually break. bin/rmlist essentially does the same thing 
except it will also remove aliases if MTA = 'Postfix'.

At some point in the future, you can move the directory back and 
continue from where you left off.

> Frankly, i'm responsible for cpanel installation and some spam users
> annoying me (and company as well).

I'm still having trouble understanding the whole picture of what your 
problem is and why you want to do this, but I hope I've answered your 

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