[Mailman-Users] Archives not updated with posted list messages [reprise]

Jeffery Cann jccann at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 02:32:08 CET 2005

I posted a previous thread on this topic :

I thought that the bin/arch -wipe {list} fixed my problem.  But no
messages posted to the list are actually added to the archives.

I checked my mailman qrunner log and I can see the archiver running:
Feb 10 18:22:24 2005 (1802) ArchRunner qrunner started.

We are running a new version mailman on the new server.  I didn't
migrate list configurations - I recreated them.  I did export and
import mailman users for each list and I've moved the mbox file for
our lists to a new server.   Then I've run bin/arch and bin/arch
-wipe.  The archives build correctly, but I new messages posted after
archive rebuild do not get archived.  Each list is configured to

So, I'm stumped.  

What other tools are there included with mailman so I can try to
pinpoint my problem?   I appreciate any suggestions.


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