[Mailman-Users] List name not displaying in Mailmanarchives

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Feb 24 18:04:50 CET 2005

At 8:17 AM -0600 2005-02-24, Carol Cronin wrote:

>  For instance, I have two separate Mailman lists-- ListA and ListB.  ListB is
>  the only "member" subscribed to ListA.  If I send an email to ListA, it will
>  archive in both ListA and ListB.
>  (But, if I send an email to ListB only, it will not archive in ListA.)

	One thing you could do is to configure ListB so that it will only 
accept messages if they are coming from ListA.  At that point you 
could/should turn off the archive for ListB, because nothing will be 
posted to the list unless it came through ListA, which has it's own 

	My understanding is that, as an umbrella list, ListA shouldn't 
have any regular recipients subscribed to it -- only other mailing 
lists.  This would also simplify your situation a lot.

>  For some lists, I have multiple other lists subscribed.  My problem is that
>  if I send an email to ListA, a member of both lists who only reads the
>  archives won't be able to tell if the email was sent to ListA or to ListB.

	Not the way you've got it configured, no.

>  If I can't make the original headers available in the archives, is there a
>  way to display the "to" address?

	Not without changing the code in Pipermail, no.

>                                    I notice that both list names will show up
>  as they appear in "Prefix for subject line of list postings"...is there a
>  way to make that field exclusive for the email address I'm sending to?

	I'm not sure I understand what you're asking for.  Could you clarify?

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