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C. Jon Hinkle hinklc at dhss.mo.gov
Sat Jan 22 15:09:40 CET 2005

Thanks, everybody, for your responses.  I put it up yesterday with the
first dozen of the 30 added in the first wave.  I gave some of them full
rights and left the others moderated and played with it all afternoon. 
I hope my boss, who gave me the assignment thinks it was a productive
Friday afternoon.  ;^)

Anyway, I think I had come to about the same configuration that you all
suggested, and it is nice to have confirmation that I'm thinking down
the right track.  I hadn't thought about Brad's point about 130 large
attachments, but it is a good one.  One of the things we were thinking
about was a weekly distribution of a dozen 100K spreadsheets.  I guess
that's out.

Looks like I'll be spending some time lurking in this forum.  I'm not
shy about asking for help, so you'll probably hear from me again. 
Thanks for your help.

Oh! sorry about the big sig.  Our IT dept does that for anything that
goes outside the system.  I can't turn it off.

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>>> Brad Knowles <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> 01/21/05 8:26 PM >>>
At 4:27 PM -0600 2005-01-20, C. Jon Hinkle wrote:

>  In either instance, how do I account for worthwhile replies that
>  be beneficial for the entire list to see?

	Generally speaking, munging the Reply-To: header is considered
be a bad idea -- See 

	That said, for certain types of lists, it may make sense to do 
this sort of thing.  Lists where that is more appropriate tend to be 
ones that are run internally to an organization, and where you can 
make an across-the-board decision like this and do so with the 
approval of management.

>  Am I taking the wrong tack here?  Is this better done with something
>  like default_member_moderation?  I could set the flag to off for the
>  and on for the rest and then set the action to Hold.  Then, if the
>  posting/reply was worth seeing on the list, it could be approved by a
>  single moderator, and if not then it gets rejected and the poster
gets a
>  notice.

	That's the path I would be inclined to take.  You can choose 
which people get their moderation bit turned off, so that they can 
post directly.  Everyone else gets moderated, and you have a small 
team of people who do the work of eliminating the wheat from the 

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