[Mailman-Users] mailmanlistinfo without slash

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Jan 28 21:00:15 CET 2005

John Fleming wrote:
>----- Original Message ----- 
>From: "Mark Sapiro" <msapiro at value.net>
>> bin/arch --wipe sked /dev/null
>> or whatever your other list names might be.
>> I tested that this time and it works :-)
>The above seemed to work.  I restarted Mailman, and then when clicking the 
>Archives link on the Listinfo page, I was taken to
>You don't have permission to access /pipermail/sked/ on this server.
>I thought maybe I just needed to rebuild the archive, so I did that, but 
>same error.  I looked at the permissions of 
>/var/lib/mailman/archives/private/sked.mbox and it is the same as my other 
>lists that don't give the FORBIDDEN error - group-list, owner www-data, 2775 
>(set GID).  Which page exactly has incorrect permissions?


The web accessable archive is in the sked/ directory. The sked.mbox/
directory only contains the sked.mbox file which is the archive in
mbox format.
>Here's the bin/arch run:
>Luke:/var/lib/mailman/bin# ./arch --wipe sked /dev/null
>Traceback (most recent call last):
>  File "./arch", line 187, in ?
>    main()
>  File "./arch", line 166, in main
>    shutil.rmtree(mlist.archive_dir())
>  File "/usr/lib/python2.3/shutil.py", line 142, in rmtree
>    raise exc[0], (exc[1][0], exc[1][1] + ' removing '+arg)
>OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory removing 

It looks like there was no existing archive when you ran

bin/arch --wipe sked /dev/null

so the command failed and didn't build a new archive. The archive is
gone because the previous

bin/arch --wipe sked

which failed on the lack of the sked.mbox file had removed the archive
before failing.

So now try

bin/arch sked /dev/null

i.e. without the --wipe. This should build a new, empty archive.

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