[Mailman-Users] Subscribe not functioning

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Jun 28 20:33:32 CEST 2005

rdembski at sbcglobal.net wrote:

>--- Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> wrote:
>> Can an external user post successfully?
>-- Yes, anyone already subscribed to the list can
>post.  I've had to add all outside addresses manually
>through the administration pages.
>> If an internal user can successfully subscribe by
>> e-mail, but an
>> external user can't, I think it must be an Exim
>> configuration issue.
>-- When testing it out, I don't receive an
>"undeliverable"-type reply, so the message is being
>delivered.  There's just no confirmation response at
>all...  I'm looking into upgrading Exim to 4 with SSL.
> Perhaps that may make a difference, as it appears 3.x
>is not very well supported...?

So posting works which indicates Exim properly delivers posts to the
wrapper. I don't know Exim, but it seems this should mean Exim will
also handle '-subscribe', etc. e-mail at least if configured in accord
with http://www.exim.org/howto/mailman.html, but note that the two
documents there cover Mailman 2.0/Exim 3 and Mailman 2.1/Exim 4. For
Mailman 2.1/Exim 3, you may need to interpolate between the two.

Upgrading to Exim 4 is probably a good idea.

In any case, check Exim logs to see that the request is properly piped
to the Mailman wrapper.

>> Can internal users subscribe via the web and
>> external users not? I
>> can't offhand understand what might cause this.
>-- Web subscribing does not work at all.  No
>confirmation email is delivered, nor is an
>administrative accept request issued when I tried that

Does the rest of the web interface work? Did you edit the listinfo.html
template? If so, you should be aware that the <MM-Subscribe-Form-Start>
tag in the template comes 'too early' making it really easy to break
the subscribe form when editing.

Also, look at the source html of the actual listinfo page to make sure
the ACTION= URL in the FORM tag looks correct. If not, there may be
issues with Defaults.py/mm_cfg.py things such as DEFAULT_URL_HOST,
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST and add_virtualhost() and/or the list attributes
host_name and web_page_url. See
for more info.

You might also look at
and try this minimal subscribe form to see if it works.

For both issues, check Mailman's logs for anything relevant.
Particularly the 'subscribe', 'error', 'smtp' and if any the
'smtp-failure' logs.

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