[Mailman-Users] setting up mailman

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Nov 18 21:37:44 CET 2005

Mike Wharton wrote:
>When I attempt to run /var/mailman/bin/newlist mailman  to create the
>newsite I get the following error...
>> /var/mailman/bin/newlist mailman
>Enter the email of the person running the list: Traceback (most recent call
>  File "/var/mailman/bin/newlist", line 219, in ?
>    main()
>  File "/var/mailman/bin/newlist", line 139, in main
>    owner_mail = raw_input(
>EOFError: EOF when reading a line
>Can anyone offer a suggestion as to what I might have missed?

This error occurs because the Python raw_input() function received an
end of file. Did you type control-D instead of an email address
followed by <CR>? It doesn't look like it in the above, but is it
possible that your shell has somehow redirected standard input to a
file or /dev/null instead of the terminal?

Can you successfully run the following:

$ python
Python 2.4.1 (#1, May 27 2005, 18:02:40)
[GCC 3.3.3 (cygwin special)] on cygwin
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> x = raw_input('Prompt: ')
Prompt: answer
>>> print x

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