[Mailman-Users] Debian & Postfix Mailman Config Issue

Michel R Vaillancourt misha at wolfstar.ca
Mon Oct 10 18:42:00 CEST 2005

Mark Sapiro wrote:
 > This is telling you that postfix doesn't know how to deliver this mail.
 > This is a Postfix configuration issue. Did you edit the three postfix
 > configuration files as described in the INSTALLATION section of the
 > comments at the beginning of postfix-to-mailman.py? If so, and you
 > still have this problem, you might have better luck persuing this on a
 > Postfix list.
	Hi, Mark.  That's the kicker... I've been over my configuration files 
five times before I sent this.  The problem is, as I understand it, it 
*can't* work...  any kind of anti-UCE secured system will reject the 
traffic as it can't prove the target address exists in the virtual 
domain.  Which was why I was hoping someone on this list had actually 
made it work and could explain how they got around the issue.

	Thanks for your reply, either way.  I'll repost my question to the 
postfix list and see if any of them over there have gotten it to work. 
If not, I'll have to use the "standard" way of implementing Postfix 
virtual domains under Mailman.

	-- Michel Vaillancourt
	Wolfstar Systems


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