[Mailman-Users] problem to send e-mil to the list

Thomas Spuhler thomas at btspuhler.com
Thu Oct 27 15:54:20 CEST 2005

I upgraded my server to Mandriva 2006. Since then I cannot send post to the 
mailing list on my server.
When I add a new user I get a confirmation.
When I create a new list, I get a confirmation.
When I post to the list, I get the mseeage the the user doesn't exist.
Whne I post to the list at kostname.domain.com instead of list at domian.com I can 
send the e-mail but of course it comes back.
It looks as if mailman doesn't pick up the correct 2domain.com

I have in mm_cfg.py domain.com as e-mail address for the server.

I am using Kolab 2 and postfix as e-mail setup.

I am running into a dead end
I would appreciate any clue


Thomas Spuhler

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