[Mailman-Users] unwinding mailman's use of domains

Heather Madrone heather at madrone.com
Mon Oct 31 04:50:07 CET 2005

At 6:40 PM -0800 10/30/05, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>Heather Madrone wrote:
> >At 3:28 PM -0800 10/30/05, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> >>What you need to do is pick one canonical url host and email host and
>>>set DEFAULT_URL_HOST and DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST to those values (probably
>>>'www.host.domain' and 'host.domain') and run fix_url to fix all your
>>Thanks.  I've already set DEFAULT_URL_HOST and DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST
>>(without add_virtualhost) hoping that would be enough.
>Perhaps I misunderstood your question. You ALWAYS have a VIRTUAL_HOSTS
>dictionary, even if it only has one entry. It is initialized in
>Defaults.py with the Defaults.py values of DEFAULT_URL_HOST and
>DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST in mm_cfg.py, then you should follow that with

Okay.  That's what I was doing on my 10.2.8 machine.

I needed to re-run configure on the 10.4.2 machine, so I changed it at that
point for the new installation.  That's probably why it's working even though
I didn't do add_virtualhost.

>as mentioned in FAQ 4.29. You want to do this even if you have

VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW is On, I didn't put the magic in httpd.conf,
and it's all working just the way I want it to work.  My guess is that someone
at Apple put some magic in Tiger that wasn't present in Jaguar, and that
Apache on Macs now handles this in its default configuration.

Anyway, everything seems to be working beautifully.  It's been almost too easy
this time around.

Thanks for your help.

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