[Mailman-Users] Accessing lists

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Apr 10 21:40:39 CEST 2006

At 11:44 AM -0700 2006-04-10, Allan Hansen wrote:

>  Yes, of course, as I am interacting with Mailman after all, but
>  my setup has one BIG advantage: speed. Using my setup I can search
>  through all the lists in 1 second (the same subscriber may be on multiple
>  lists and want to get off them all).

	There's plenty of speed in the Mailmain command-line tools, too.

>                                        Using the Mailman pages I first
>  have to wait, then enter the list name, then wait, then enter my
>  password, then wait, then enter the search, then wait, etc. Just to
>  look at 1 of my 40+ lists. Then repeat all that 40 times...

	How big are your lists?  How big is your archive?  I have over 
ten gigabytes of e-mail archives that go back many years, and it 
takes Eudora quite some time to search through all of them.  Even if 
I limit myself to just the Mailman-related lists for which I've only 
been a subscriber for a couple of years, it takes a while.  On the 
other hand, bin/find_member can search through all the lists hosted 
on python.org pretty quickly.

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