[Mailman-Users] Questions Regarding Bounces

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Feb 13 04:07:39 CET 2006

Mark Phillips wrote:
>My questions pertain to the performance of the list. Should I un-subscribe 
>these bounced email addresses? Does leaving them marked as "nomail" impact 
>the performance of my list? What is the accepted practice for bounced email 

Set whatever you want on your list's bounce processing options page.
What is going on in your case is your bouncing addresses that are
disabled due to bounce have a grace period during which they may log
on to their options page and reenable delivery.

When the user was first disabled, she was sent the first of
bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings warning notices. These will be sent
at intervals of bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings_interval days. That
many days after the last warning, if the member is still disabled due
to bounce, she will be removed from the list.

You don't need to manually remove bouncing members. Just set your
bounce parameters the way you want them.

Having members disabled due to bounce and still on the list has almost
no impact on performance. The impact is just the size of the member
list, and the largest part of the impact is probably loading and
saving the list. If you're concerned that this might be significant,
just set bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings to zero, and the member will
be removed as soon as his bounce score reaches bounce_score_threshold.
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