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Patrick Bogen pdbogen at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 17:08:52 CET 2006

This all sounds fine. It's trivially easy to add a list of email
addresses to a list (there's a textbox on the admin page that you dump
them into and click a button)

Mass-adding the lists is a bit trickier, I think. However, if they're
all basically the same you can generate one configuration file sans
things like the list name, and then programmatically (e.g., with a
shell script, or whatever you prefer) generate all 90 (was it?) if
your lists. I'm not sure where/how to get this file except by (a)
adding a list using the normal method, and then (b) using config_list
-o <file> <listname> to dump its config. Someone else may know a
better way.

As for the bits 1-3:
1. Templates for messages are stored in
$prefix/mailman/templates/<LANG> -- The welcome message is
'subscribeack.txt' -- On my box templates is a symlink to
/etc/mailman, but YMMV.

2. The simplest way to accomlish this seems to be to (a) set
'default_member_moderation' to  1 in the config files as described
above, (b) set member_moderation_action to 2 (discard: e.g., don't
accept, and also don't tell the sender about it), (c) set
generic_nonmember_action to 3 (discard), and (d) add the sender
address for your java program to the 'accept_these_nonmembers' list.

3. Yep, should be fine.

Someone else might be able to come up with better ways to do the
above. I am far from authoritative. :)

- Patrick Bogen

On 2/17/06, Luke Shannon <lukeshannon at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Ok, Mailman is looking like the solution to my problems.
> To get this going I need to create mailman lists from my existing email
> addresses to vendor mappings in the MySQL DB (I don't want everyone already
> signed up to have to re-subscribe). Is it easy to import a list to Mailman?
> Once I have my lists in place I think the following is required:
> 1. Create a customized welcome message that avoids mentioning how to post to
> the list so new people joining.
> 2. Restrict the list so only authorized persons can post. My java program
> will be this "person". Not sure how to configure this from a Mailman point
> of view yet.
> 3. Modify my DB table to map the Mailman send list addresses to a vendors.
> Thus my program sends a mail to that address and Mailman distributes it to
> the members.
> Does all this sound reasonable?
> Thanks for all the help thus far :-)
> Luke
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> >Luke Shannon wrote:
> >
> > >Actually it doesn't really need to be in MySQL. As long as Mailman
> >handles
> > >the add and removing of addresses to a list and creates an alias for each
> > >list, my java program could be tweaked to send mail to all alias rather
> >than
> > >a set of email addresses (as it does now).
> >
> >
> >Mailman does not create an alias per se. It does provide a list posting
> >address and receives posts at that address and sends them to the list
> >members.
> >
> >If the only purpose of your MySQL database is to provide a list of
> >people/addresses to deliver to, you could use Mailman without
> >modification and let it maintain it's own membership list and handle
> >bounce processing and subscribe/unsubscribe, etc.
> >
> >See
> ><http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py?req=show&file=faq03.011.htp>
> >for information about setting up announcement (one-way) lists.
> >
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