[Mailman-Users] obscure addresses in archive

enyc at evtech.org enyc at evtech.org
Mon Feb 20 23:51:28 CET 2006

Dave Stern wrote:

> I could zero or edit the existing archive wiping addresses
> and leaving the archive public but wonder if there is some
> way for future submissions to have their addresses masked.
> They're looking for complete anonymity, not just a change
> to user_at_host_fqdn.

(as per next post by Mark\ Sapiro removing email addresses
  completely is possible....)...

I('list administrator') / the system owner who have evtech
  mailing list (discussion list on technical aspects of
  electric vehicles) running on Mailman, would definitely
  like a way to have public list archives with no email
  addresses, while keeping the private archives facility...

The system owner (known as 'Sheer') is interested in writing
  the relevant code/changes as-needed to make this possible
  if practical ;-).

I expect at the moment this involves some mess making a second
  copy of the archive with the email addresses removed??
I notice mailman-users has a separate mailing list archive with
  email addresses hidden... How does that work?

Maybe this sort of facility/framework should be included in
  Mailman 3.x ??

Comments wanted please ;-).

  <enyc at evtech.org>

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