[Mailman-Users] Multiple mailing lists

Nigel Ridley nigel at rmk.co.il
Sun Feb 26 13:01:24 CET 2006


I read the documentation:
and it looks pretty complicated (and I'm not sure if I could do all of 
what is required on my hosted website).

I have a website with a Mailman list (using cpanel - which came with the 
hosting plan) and I would like to have multiple mailing lists.
Basically they would be announcement lists having the same content but 
in several different languages.

Q. What is the best way to set up such a system?
The problem using cpanel is that it defaults Mailman to English and my 
hosting company said it would be better to install Mailman in my own space:
You would have to install a copy of mailman under your own space to take 
advantage of the language packs.  Any change we would make to the 
serverwide install would just be overwritten by cpanel when next it updated.
<end quote>

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Nigel Ridley

It's not a problem -- it's a learning opportunity.

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