[Mailman-Users] Some questions on moderation

Steve Garcia sgarcia at bak.rr.com
Mon Jan 9 23:58:34 CET 2006


I'm new to Mailman, and it seems like there have been changes in how
moderation works since the documentation was written.

I want my lists to be moderated -- actually, I want them to be announce
only lists.  The documentation indicates a setting "Must posts be
approved by an administrator?"  However, I haven't found any such
setting in the web interface.  I *have* found an "Emergency moderation"
setting which looks like it might do the same thing, but the name makes
me a little concerned.  Is there a downside to using "emergency
moderation" to making a list moderated?  Is there a more straightforward
way to do it?

Also, I would like to set up a separate moderator.  How do I give that
moderator access?  I have defined the moderator's email address and I
have defined a moderator's password, but I have no idea how the
moderator logs in to approve requests.  I've tried going in through the
regular "List Administrator" page, but it doesn't accept the moderator's
password here.  How is this accessed?

Steve Garcia

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