[Mailman-Users] cannot rebuild archives

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Jun 24 17:38:10 CEST 2006

Jeff DeReus wrote:
>the list is under /archives/public/* yet the archives are set to be private
>in the interface.  not quite sure if that plays into anything, yet I would
>think not.

Each of your posts contains an additional clue that you are not looking
at the correct archive.

In general, all archives are maintained under archives/private/list*.
If the archive is public, archives/public/list is a symlink to
archives/private/list and in addition if PUBLIC_MBOX is Yes in
mm_cfg.py, archives/public/list.mbox is a symlink to
archives/private/list.mbox. If the archive is private, there are no
symlinks for it in archives/public.

These symlinks are created or removed based on the list's
archive_private setting every time the list is saved. This means in
general just looking at list settings in the admin interface or
processing a post or almost anything that touches a list will create
or remove the archives/public/list* symlinks according to the list's
archive_private setting. Thus, if your list's archive_private is Yes
and you are seeing symlinks for it in archives/public, you are not
looking at the same archives directory as mailman.

Thus, I ask again do you have one pre-upgrade or whatever
old/path/to/archives/ directory and a different post-upgrade or
whatever new/path/to/archives/ directory?

If you have more than one, rename something in the old path (e.g.
change 'mailman' to 'old-mailman') so that you can't get confused
about which is which and Mailman, if it is using it, won't find it.
Then look at the (current) archives/private/list.mbox/list.mbox and
make sure it's up to date, and then do 'bin/arch --wipe list' and then
examine the archives/private/list/ directory and see if it has

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