[Mailman-Users] A glitch in Mailman??

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 24 17:44:51 CET 2006

Tom Ray wrote:
>Now here's where it gets funky for me. I changed the Virtual Host
>information in site five to match site one and tried to setup the list
>again via the web interface and it worked! The list was created. Now it
>gets even funkier, when I go to http://lists.siteone.com/mailman/admin
>it shows the list I just created but not any of the current lists
>running under that site. When I go to
>http://lists.sitefive.com/mailman/admin it does not show that list, but
>if I call on it directly via site five it prompts me for the password. 

This is what I would expect. The virtual host info in mailman only
controls things like host name in links on the web pages, etc. and
what lists appear on the admin and listinfo overviews. Everything you
do on the web appears to operate on site five.

The most likely cause of the I think is in your web server config. I
think the

scriptalias /mailman/ site_five_prefix/mailman/cgi-bin/

is in the web server config in a global place, not in a place where it
applies only to the site five domain.

Expanding on the above situation a bit, you changed the (presumably)
DEFAULT_URL_HOST in site five's mm_cfg.py to 'lists.siteone.com' and
created a list in site five's $prefix which now has a web_page_url
attribute like 'http://lists.siteone.com/mailman/'. The other site
five lists all have web_page_url attributes like
'http://lists.sitefive.com/mailman/', thus when you go to the admin
overview at http://lists.siteone.com/mailman/admin, it shows only the
new list because you are going to site five really, and the new list
is the only one whose web_page_url matches the host in the url you
went to.

When you go to http://lists.sitefive.com/mailman/admin, you see those
lists, but not the new one.

Again, everything tells me it's the web server running the site five
cgi_bin/* wrappers regardless of which host you go to.

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