[Mailman-Users] mailman crashed; messages are shunted

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Tue May 9 22:16:04 CEST 2006

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Mark Sapiro wrote:
> This error is in cPanel specific modifications to Mailman having to
> do with adding '_domain' to list names to support the 'same' list
> name in multiple domains.
> I don't know specifically what their patches are in this area. The
> only cPanel patches I am aware of are those at
> <http://koston.org/mailman-patches/mailman-2.1.3-cpanel.diff>, and
> the above error didn't come from those patches either.

Yeah, I think those are the same one's they posted that after I nagged
them repeatedly for the changes they'd made to Mailman.  I thought
they'd be happy to provide them since they're whole system uses open
source code.  Instead it was a big hassle to get them to respond and
eventually post that diff.  It's definitely not a full diff of what
they do.

Now that I have decent access to a cPanel system I'll try to do a
proper diff -uNr sometime.

> (or see if cPanel has a fix).

Don't hold your breath on that Chuck.  I've patched a few nasty
exploits in other addon packages they provide (osCommerce most
recently) and I've been waiting to see if they ever get around to
providing their own patches for their paying customers.  It's been
close to a month since the osCommerce exploit was published on bugtraq
(with handy google search instructions for locating plenty of

It's constantly amazing to me that the best support around is found on
mailing lists like this one, thanks to many helpful folks like
yourself Mark.  I really appreciate the help you give so often and
I've learned a lot more about Mailman than I would have just tinkering
with it myself.  :)

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