[Mailman-Users] Feature Req: Re-confirm subscription

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri May 26 01:36:32 CEST 2006

At 3:21 PM -0700 2006-05-25, Daevid Vincent wrote:

>  I also didn't see a 'bug/feature' tracking system link anywhere?
>  Is there a bugzilla or anything for mailman?

	There's the Mailman Request for Feature Enhancements SourceForge 
page at <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=103&atid=350103>, 
and the SourceForge pages are linked from the Developer Resources 
page at <http://www.list.org/devs.html>.

	Is that what you're looking for?

>  It would be great if I could push a button in the web GUI (or run some
>  command on the CLI) and mailman would reset every members status to
>  'unconfirmed' (or whatever it is), mail them a link to click (with some
>  crazy code in it like when you join a list), and then mark the responders as
>  'confirmed'.

	There is no feature currently present in Mailman to accomplish 
this goal, but it may not be hard to add.  If you create a patch to 
provide this feature, please upload that to the SourceForge Patch 
page for Mailman at 

	Creating your own code to implement such a feature and then 
uploading the patch gives you a much higher probability that the 
patch may be incorporated into future versions -- otherwise, you're 
dependant on the core developers being able to take some of their 
non-existent free time to develop code to support your request.

>  Extra points if I can schedule this task to occur every month, every six
>  months, once a year, etc... (probably some 'day' interval would be
>  sufficient here).

	Other than the monthly password reminder mailings (which will be 
going away in the future), Mailman doesn't have any good internal 
process for managing periodic events like this.  If you created 
Python code to implement your feature, you could put that into a cron 
job which would run monthly, or weekly, or whatever.

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