[Mailman-Users] Temporary local problem - please try later

Thomas Hochstein ml at ancalagon.inka.de
Mon Nov 13 07:01:43 CET 2006

Brad Knowles schrieb:

> I've been using Unix and the Internet for over twenty-two years, a 
> professional Unix system administrator for over seventeen years, and 
> specializing in managing Internet e-mail systems for over fourteen 
> years.
> Congratulations, this is a first -- I don't recall having ever seen 
> this particular error message before in my life.

Your experience does not cover Exim too much, then. :) Exactly that
message is quite common with a misconfiguration.

> What MTA are you using -- is it Exim?  How is that configured?  Have 
> you checked the MTA logs, to see what it says about this issue?

Ack. That should do the trick.


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