[Mailman-Users] Load-balancing mailman between two servers

Ivan Fetch ifetch at du.edu
Wed Nov 29 14:51:20 CET 2006


On Mon, 27 Nov 2006, Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 3:03 PM +1100 11/27/06, Guy Waugh quoted Kim Hawtin:
>>>  How/where do you share the incoming mail list aliases that sendmail checks?
>>>  Also when you create a new list, how to you update the other hosts aliases?
>>  On each server, in the sendmail aliases file. So, when adding or
>>  removing a list, I have to do the alias changes on each of the two servers.
> Hmm.  With postfix, you can specify multiple alias files, some of
> which will get auto-rebuilt as necessary by postfix, others which can
> get manually rebuilt by other processes (like by Mailman, with the
> standard tools it provides).
> It's been a while since I mucked around with sendmail, but I have to
> believe that the same is possible there.  Indeed, I believe that the
> technique that is currently used to completely automate this process
> with postfix was adapted from the technique that previously worked
> only with sendmail.

    i'm doing this with Sendmail - you can add something like the following 
to your .mc file (E.G. sendmail.mc):


    The first file mentioned (/etc/mail/aliases) is typically where 
sendmail looks for it's aliases.  The second 
(/mail/mailman/sendmail/mailman-aliases) lives on shared storage (your NFS 
server).  When you run newaliases, or sendmail -bi (same thing) on either 
machine, the shared sendmail-aliases.db file will be rebuilt.

    You would of course have to move your mailman aliases to the other 
aliases file, and change your procedure for creating new lists so that the 
new aliases also end up in the new aliases file.

    I believe you're running RHEL?  If you're wanting to give this a try 
with sendmail, you need to have the sendmail-cf RPM installed.  Then you 
can backup sendmail.mc and sendmail.cf, change sendmail.mc, and run make 
sendmail.cf to recreate the .cf file.



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