[Mailman-Users] Umbrella List / Moderation

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Oct 26 05:21:08 CEST 2006

Bruce E. Breeding wrote:

>I'm implementing an umbrella list over three other lists.
>When I send mail to the umbrella list, three events occur:
>(a)  For each of the three lists, I (as owner) receive a request for approval with the message:  Message has implicit destination

On Privacy options...->Recipient filters for each sub-list, add the
posting address of the umbrella lis to acceptable_aliases or, if you
prefer, set require_explicit_destination to No.

>(b)  Duplicate receiving email addresses (on two or all three of the sublists) are not being eliminated.

That is correct. The members nodups setting only stops sending a list
post to the member if the member is an explicit addressee of the post.
The original idea of nodups was to do more, but it wasn't implemented.

>(c)  I do NOT receive a request for approval from the umbrella list (yes!)
>I would like for the approval to be automatic and I'd like for duplicate email addresses to be eliminated.  I've probably missed the obvious, but I've invested several hours in troubleshooting ...

As indicated, you can do the former, but doing the latter requires code

>What I've done:
>(1)  added the sender's email address to the privacy options / sender filter / non-member (even though the sender is a member and the sender's email moderate check-box is not checked).

Never checked if the sender is a member and not the hold reason. See
comment under (a) above.

>(2)  done (1) above for each sublist and the umbrella list, although in the umbrella list, the sender is not a member.

This for the umbrella list is probably what allows the sender's post to
pass through to the sub-lists.

>(3)  added the <umbrellalistname>@listdomain.org as a sender not needing approval as in (1) above, but I didn't think I should have to do this, since it's not the original sender.

Probably correct that you didn't need to do this.

Remark under (a) will fix (a).

(b) is the subject of Feature Request

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