[Mailman-Users] MM lists on Gmane

Jason R. Mastaler jason at mastaler.com
Sun Sep 17 03:25:00 CEST 2006

I understand what you're saying, but seriously, who cares if the mailman 
lists were added without anyone's approval?  Gmane is a valuable and 
useful service and does no damage to anyone.  You could think of it as 
someone doing the project a favor rather than something that needs 
"forgiveness."  The fact that you have philosophical objections to Gmane 
shouldn't affect whether the Mailman lists are carried there.  That's 
unfair to everyone else.

On 9/16/06 6:57 PM, Brad Knowles wrote:
> The problem is that there have been more than one incident with Gmane in 
> groups that I'm affiliated with.  I could forgive one incident. It's 
> harder for me to forgive two.  In talking to other people who've 
> likewise had these kinds of things done to them by Gmane, it's much much 
> harder for me to forgive multiple such incidents.

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