[Mailman-Users] Support for Cpanel users?

Michael Kabot mkabot at soarol.com
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| Now to "stir the pot" -:), is it possible for a Server 
| Provider (bluehost.com is THE BEST with the BEST 
| "bang-for-the-buck" and the MOST responsive Tech group I have 
| EVER been exposed to!!) to dump the cPanel version of MM and 
| do a source install that would work similar to the 
| pre-package version??

I doubt you will get a hosting company to do that.... 

That would require the provider to directly support mailman themselves vs.
keeping it bundled under Cpanel.

It might be a thought to create a FAQ on how to upgrade Cpanel/Plesk to the
latest version of Mailman and keep it up to date.  I'm not familiar with

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| <<I see the problem with that idea being that there won't be 
| many subscribers to either list and the core folks who 
| provide a large part of the help on this list won't be on 
| either of those lists because they don't use Plesk/cPanel.>>
| As a "captive" of cPanel, I feel the need to add my .02 here.
| Dragon is 100% correct.
| Even tho I don't have command access I have learned a LOT 
| about MailMan via THIS List for which I am very grateful!!
| My sincerest THANKS to all you "solvers/teachers" !!
| Ed
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