[Mailman-Users] Message failures

Daniel D Jones ddjones at riddlemaster.org
Sat Jun 23 04:22:29 CEST 2007

I'm having an issue with Mailman being unable to send messages through qmail.  
I'm not sure which one has the problem, so I'm sending to both lists.  As 
soon as I figure out which program is at fault, I'll remove the other list 
from any replies.

I'm running a Debian server with Mailman and qmail.  We recent had a brief 
power outage.  I shut the server down, then rebooted.  When it came back up, 
I'd stopped receiving mail.   I troubleshot and found out that something I'd 
installed on the server had evidently installed qpopper as a dependency.  It 
was binding to port 110 before qmail's pop3d, so pop3d obviously wasn't 
working.  I uninstalled qpopper and thought that I had everything fixed.  
However, either mailman is not working correctly or qmail isn't allowing 
mailman to work.

Messages are coming into the list.  I receive the messages in my mailbox, 
located on the same server.  (Both my address and the list address are 
@riddlemaster.org addresses.)  However, none of the other list members are 
receiving mail.  Checking the mailman/post logs, I see a great deal of this:

Jun 22 17:42:59 2007 (2503) post to listname from rvh40 at xxxxx.com, size=3715, 
message-id=<6019BB4F-A03B-4CD3-93BF-1B58FD917B49 at xxxxx.com>, 16 failures
Jun 22 20:22:59 2007 (2503) post to listname from rex at yyyyy.com, size=1920, 
message-id=<20070623002827.GI4853 at yyyyy.com>, 16 failures
Jun 22 21:15:55 2007 (13367) post to listname from ddjones at riddlemaster.org, 
size=1481, message-id=<200706222124.18534.ddjones at riddlemaster.org>, 16 

(List members email addresses obscured.)  There are 17 addresses subbed to the 
list, including mine.  So it appears that my email address is succeeding but 
all of the rest are failing.  I don't find any errors or related entries in 
any of the qmail logs.

I can email members of the list directly, using qmail on the same server that 
hosts mailman.  So mail is flowing through the system, both in and out.  For 
some reason, however, it appears that mailman can't send messages outside my 
domain.  Any hints or suggestions on how to troubleshoot this issue would be 
greatly appreciated.

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