[Mailman-Users] Moderation issues

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Mar 1 02:38:50 CET 2007

Bill Lempesis wrote:
>I believe your first response was correct. I was using a non member email
>address that was associated with my name as a test of the list. It appears
>that Mailman was allowing it to pass since I am subscribed to the list with
>another email address. Would Mailman allow it because the names match even
>though email addresses are different? 

No. membership is tested only by email address, however a member's
address appearing in any of the headers From:, Reply-To: or Sender: or
in the unix From_ line which is normally the envelope sender's address
is sufficient. Actually, the list of headers searched for a member is
SENDER_HEADERS which can be set in mm_cfg.py, but the above four are
the default.

So if your test had ,e.g., Reply-To: your member address, or the
envelope was sent by your member address, that would suffice to get
the post accepted.

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