[Mailman-Users] Not getting aliases, owner notification on newlist

Jock Coats jock.coats at jcsolutions.co.uk
Tue Mar 27 22:29:59 CEST 2007

On 27 Mar 2007, at 20:47, Jock Coats wrote:

> I guess I could maybe change the
> outbound mailhost somewhere in Mailman's config could I to see if
> that gets round it for now?

Setting SMTPHOST = 'FQDN' (even though it is actually localhost) does  
appear to have worked.  Until  I have more leisure to investigate it  
I shall assume that postfix has a jolly good reason for refusing a  
request for localhost, but I can't work out what it might be from my  

Thanks for the pointers though - it would have taken me ages to start  
lookingat postfix as part of the problem!!

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