[Mailman-Users] Unable to Find Bogus User

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed May 2 03:45:57 CEST 2007

McNutt Jr, William R wrote:

>I've started to get an error message back from the monthly reminders.
>The gateway is reporting that:
>"Your message could not be delivered to:
>dawn norris,University of Maine (The name was not found at the remote
>site. Check that the name has been entered correctly.)"
>Fair enough.  It's not an e-mail address, there's no reason why the
>server SHOULD be able to deliver it.  But I can't find the bad entry.
>Find_member for 'dawn,' 'dawn Norris,' and 'University of Maine' are all
>coming back with nothing found. How do I locate this incorrect entry?

Presumably the address on the list is OK, but a .forward or other
aliasing mechanism downstream of Mailman is converting it.

Also, it seems you are not getting the message body returned since it
contains the address to which the reminder was sent.

If you are getting Received: headers back, you might be able to narrow
it down from the domain of the first server it is sent to.

If you set


in mm_cfg.py, the reminders will be sent with envelope from
mailman-bounces+user=example.net at example.com where user=example.net
comes from the recipients user at example.net member address and
example.com is your domain. The 'bounce' should come back to the
envelope address and enable you to see the user's address.

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