[Mailman-Users] Using Mailman with Apache Tomcat

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sat May 5 01:57:28 CEST 2007


If you are running Tomcat and no apache, then I'd say
don't bother.  Get the plain apache and install it,
it will be up and running in minutes rather than days
to figure out how to make tomcat run plain old HTML
with a handful of CGIs.  Use the right tool for the job.
Tomcat is designed to run Java web applications.


On 5/4/07, Meenal Pant <mpant at ncsa.uiuc.edu> wrote:
> I have a server running Liferay using apache tomcat. I access the portal
> as:
> https://abc.xyz.org/web/guest/home
> Can I still install mailman and use it with apache as described in the
> Mailman
> Documentation.(
> http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/mailman-install/front.html)
> ?
> Basically I want to access mailman webserver as :
> https://abc.xyz.org/mailman/listinfo
> Will this work or do I have to integrate mailman with Tomcat ? If yes,
> then how to do so?
> Thanks
> Meenal
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