[Mailman-Users] Moving Lists

carconni carconni at earthlink.net
Fri May 25 02:04:33 CEST 2007


I'm having some trouble with my mail server (xserve 10.4.9).  We  
discovered that there were some hardware issues and I'm in the  
process of building a new mail server to replace the old.  I  
understand that the current MAC OS doesn't support clustering so what  
we would like to do is move user data to a shared drive.  The service  
will remain on the server but we'd like to move the data to a shared  
file system.  Only one server will be processing mail but because of  
multiple failures, we'd like to find a way to safeguard our data.

I'm moving postfix's /var/spool to /mounted_file_share/mail/var/spool  
and I've changed the path in the main.cf file to point to it.  Is  
there anyway to do this with mailman?  Can I move /var/mailman to / 
mounted_file_share/var/mailman and is there a configuration file in / 
usr/share/mailman that I should modify?

Thank you

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