[Mailman-Users] Reporting

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Oct 25 18:30:34 CEST 2007

Tom Ray [Lists] wrote:

>Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> This is a bug in Mailman pre 2.1.7 that logged the envelope sender of
>> the outgoing message instead of the incoming message.
>So I'm sure I'm understanding you correctly then  that some of those 
>message could be valid posts made by members since this list was around 
>since 2.1.4 or so?

These are all valid posts made by list members. Everything in the
'post' log should be a valid post to the list. Occasionally, when
there is an smtp-failure on a mailman generated message (say a reject
of spam with a forged non-existant local address), you can get a
failure entry in the post log even though the message wasn't a post,
but if you filter out the failures (or the
mailman.nnnn.nnnnnn.nnnn.list at domain message-ids), everything else is
a legitimate list post.

Note that these failures appear in the mmdsr report under Other
Messages:->Log file: post.

>Thanks for the information. I'm tearing apart the post log because I 
>want to get the total size of the message. Then I need to figure out how 
>many emails where sent so I can figure out bandwidth usage. I mean if 
>they send a 10K file to a list with 1,000 members that's a lot of 
>bandwidth to send out.

Yes, but if you want to be truly accurate, you also have to look at
your MTA logs.

For example, if a 10K message is sent to a list with 1000 members, and
the list is not personalized, and the message is not VERPed in
Mailman, mailman might deliver this to the MTA in say 5 transactions
with 200 recipients each for a total exchange between Mailman and the
MTA of about 50K plus the address list.

The MTA in turn might batch delivery so if say 50 of those 1000
recipients are in the aol.com domain, the MTA might send one 10K +
transaction to AOL for all 50, rather that sending 10K 50 times.

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