[Mailman-Users] Trouble adding new users

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Sep 16 18:27:57 CEST 2007

Pete Bronder wrote:

>I am having problems adding new members.  It is something that I've done 
>successfully many times in the past.  The new addresses show up on the 
>list through the administrative interface however the new people that 
>are added do not receive any messages.  I compared the profiles of 
>members who are working correctly against those members who are not 
>receiving messages and could not find any problems.  I also checked the 
>FAQs and did not see where this problem might have been addressed.

Look at the new members in the admin Membership List. Are the 'nomail'
and 'digest' columns both unchecked?

If 'nomail' is checked, it was set either by [A]dmin, [B]ounce, or the
[U]ser. You can uncheck it and Submit Your Changes. Normally, it would
not be initially checked for a new user, but might by set by bounce
after some time if the user is bouncing.

Even if nomail is unchecked, you can click the user's address to go to
the user's options page where there will be a not near the top if the
user has a non zero bounce score.

Also, you should make sure that bounce_processing and all the
notifications on the Bounce processing admin page are set to Yes.

If digest is checked, the member is receiving digest's and perhaps none
have been sent. If this is the case, and you don't want members to be
digested by default, make sure that digest_is_default on Digest
options is set to Regular. If you want all members to be non-digest,
set digestable to No.

If it's OK for a member to receive digests, but they aren't being sent,
make sure that digest_size_threshhold is not too large and/or
digest_send_periodic is set to Yes.

>Do you have any explanation or pointers for what else to try?  Could 
>this be a problem with the server?  If so, what can I ask the service 
>who runs the server to look at?

If the above suggestions don't lead to a solution, The problem is in
mail delivery outside of Mailman. The server admin's will need to look
at Mailman's 'post', 'smtp', 'smtp-failure' and 'bounce' logs and the
logs of the outgoing MTA to get more information, but even that may
not reveal anything if the recipient's ISP(s) are just discarding the
messages. BTW, have the new members checked their 'bulk' or 'spam'
folders for the messages?

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