[Mailman-Users] Complaining Outlook users

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgsonfamily.org
Sat Aug 2 14:06:10 CEST 2008


Since I moved my list from Freelists to our own server running Mailman
(2.1.11), I am getting complaints from Outlook users, and quite a few of
them are managing to post messages to the bounce address.

When they are viewing the message, it appears to be coming from
"listname-bounces at domain.com on behalf of Real user", and this also
appears in the reply text as well:

-----Original Message-----
From: blind-sysadmins-bounces at lists.hodgsonfamily.org
[mailto:blind-sysadmins-bounces at lists.hodgsonfamily.org] On Behalf Of
Andrew Hodgson

For example.

I looked at what Mailman was doing as well as Freelists, and I notice
that Freelists add the return-path and sender header as
listname at freelists.org, and do not use a bounce address at all.

I wondered whether VERP would solve my issues, however, on the
mailman-users list, I note that it does the same thing in Outlook,
except for in this case, the user can see the actual VERP address.

Is there any way in Mailman to get the return envelope as the
bounce/VERP address, but add the list at domain.com address to the sender
header instead, as I think this is what Outlook is picking up?

I have never had any issues with this in my Outlook, however, it is
obviously confusing some people, as I am continuing to have questions
about this, plus messages coming at me from the bounce address.


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