[Mailman-Users] Server Overload Issues

Fortney, James T. Jim at Fortney.org
Sun Mar 9 00:33:34 CET 2008

At 3/6/2008 04:47 PM, Brian Carpenter wrote:

>My immediate suggestion is to find a new mailman host/provider. Allowing
>only 50 outgoing messages per hour seems to be a little severe. Based upon
>the average size list that we host, I would say 80-100 members would be
>considered a small list by us. How many posts are made to these lists on a
>per day or hour basis? An average figure would do.

It is not clear to me that all of the providers where I am having 
problems are metering the number of messages sent at one time.  At 
least some of my issues appear to be related to the Yahoo and AOL 
type problems discussed on the list in the last few days.

As far as the host that had the 50 messages per hour limit, when 
challenged they revised this to 500 per hour.  Unfortunately, I do 
not consider this a solution.  I have a total of 13 lists at that 
host which vary from 5 to 407 members.  Although all of these lists 
are low volume lists, this limit still prevents even two messages per 
hour from my largest list, and if several of them were active at one 
time I will encounter the limit with what I consider minimal 
activity.  This is clearly an issue I need to pursue with the ISP.

>My suggestion is to check us out at http://www.emwd.com/mailman.html. We do
>not throttle our smtp servers nor do we overload our servers. We have had a
>number of people come to us from other hosts who had treated their mailman
>clients poorly. No one running a mailing list should tolerate the loss of
>mail as being part of the service that they are paying for.

The offering looks great Brian except for the fact that it would be 
10X - 20X more expensive than what I current pay.  I guess you are 
telling me that I am getting what I am paying for.  That may be the 
case but is certainly not what I bargained for when I recently moved 
four domains thinking I was making a positive move.

The limited response to my posting either suggests that you said it 
all, or at least that I am in the minority with this problem.  Since 
you and Mark suggest it is not a chronic Mailman problem, I'll not 
waste anymore bandwidth here.

Thank You,


- JimF

James T. Fortney
Jim at Fortney.org

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