[Mailman-Users] creating new virtual lists

billc billc_lists at greenbuilder.com
Thu Mar 27 20:48:27 CET 2008

At 3:12 PM -0400 3/27/08, Charles Marcus wrote:
>On 3/27/2008, billc (billc_lists at greenbuilder.com) wrote:
>>      Reason:  Message has implicit destination
>>What does that mean?
>The list address needs to be in either the To or CC field - its 
>probably BCC'd...

No, the mail is delivered to a Gmail account and pulled down from 
there using Fetchmail and dropped into Mailman.  No CCs or BCCs.

I *did* have to do some extra backflips with Gmail, as I currently 
have to wait 5 days before I can recreate the correct account name  - 
I have discusion@ set up as an email list which forwards to 
discussion2@ until Gmail lets me out of the penalty box for having 
just deleted an account named discussion at .   Perhaps that's where the 
problem lies.

Hopefully I'll be able to get that one to go away in 5 days.

Bill Christensen

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