[Mailman-Users] Curious about email confirmations for list owners...

Glenn Sieb ges+lists at wingfoot.org
Fri Mar 28 01:36:53 CET 2008

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> I just tried it on Mac OS X 10.5 with Tbird and then after 
> upgrade, with (with enigmail), and it worked fine in both.
> It also works for me with Tbird (with enigmail) on Windows XP.
> I also tried MS-Outlook Express 6 on Windows, but when I try to open
> the attached confirmation message part, it opens with the default
> application for .eml files which on my machine is Tbird, so it doesn't
> really work because Tbird is opening the message part from a file (see
> below).

Hmm. When I open the attachment, it opens in a new Tbird window, and if 
I click "Message, Edit as New" Tbird goes all funky on me. *sigh*
> Is the message body in the composition window also blank? If so, it 
> sounds like the following:
No it's not blank. But it doesn't open in the composition window, 
either. :-/

I've told the mods to just use the web interface--but it might be worth 
considering at some future point to combine the main email from the 
server with the confirm message (have the confirm message be the subject 
and from... and include the "click here to do this from the web..." 
message into it)?

Anywho--thanks, Mark. :)


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