[Mailman-Users] many problems

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Sep 5 01:48:42 CEST 2008

Jan Steinman wrote:

>> And I will add that EMWD seems to be the only Mailman hosting company 
>> I know of that actively participates on this list, which I think 
>> speaks well for them.
> You mean "the only Mailman hosting company of significant size."

I did say "... that I know of ...".  ;-)

> I'm a purposely-small service provider that includes Mailman and 
> Wikipedia in my website hosting. I specialize in artists and 
> non-profits. (Demographic selected for their vast financial resources, 
> ripe for the tapping... NOT! :-)
> You might discover there are a lot of "lurkers" on this list who are 
> "hosting" in the broadest sense of the word.

Indeed, I hope there are.  And I hope more of them come out and identify 
themselves (as you have done here), because I honestly was only aware of the 
one company/group in this space which was actively participating in this 
mailing list.

The more of you guys that come out and actively participate in the list, and 
try to help people resolve issues even if they're not your customers or 
potential customers for you, the better the overall community will be.

And, hopefully, the more customers you will be able to draw to your 
respective services, in part because you'll have people like me who can 
stick their hand up and say things like:

	Yeah, I've heard of these guys before, they actively
	participate in the list, and they seem to be pretty
	good guys.

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