[Mailman-Users] How-to suppress replies to mail sent to list-subscribe at ...

Robert Nickel rnickel at scea.com
Fri Mar 13 19:28:02 CET 2009

I've got a mailman server running that I want to allow self-service for
subscription requests but don't need to let them know that I received the
email to act on.  My users simply consider such mail to be noise.

I would like the work flow to be:

1) User sends email to list-subscribe address.
2) Normal admin mail is sent to list owner/moderator
3) User subscription is validated
4) User starts receiving list email

The way that it's currently happening is that in between 1 and 2, they get an
email request like the following:

    The results of your email command are provided below. Attached is your
    original message.

      Your subscription request has been forwarded to the list administrator

That's what I would like to stop.

I'm running 2.1.9.


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