[Mailman-Users] regexp help

Savoy, Jim savoy at uleth.ca
Thu Oct 22 00:54:10 CEST 2009

>CNulk writes:

>Hi Jim,

>I may be completely wrong (heck, wouldn't be the first time), but why
>not have your "unique.name" address be an alias to a simple
>bash/perl/etc. script which simply accepts the email message, rewrites
>the message to be from the unique.name address, and sends it on to the
>list.  When the list sees the message, it will appear to be "from"
>unique.name and the standard mailman moderation and message acceptance
>rules would apply.  I had to do something similar for a different email
>distribution package to get around a software limitation.  It should
>work unless you really need the from address to be from the actual

Yep - I could do that. Have exim rewrite the headers before it sends out
the message, but the people on the mailing list do want to know who the
email originally came from. They just don't want everyone to have access
to their mailing list, just this one account (an inquiries-type of

I just re-read Mark's comments, and he says:

So assuming that what you want is to bypass the other
header_filter_rules, you need to "add new item" before the current rule
1 so the new rule becomes #1. Then the new rule 1 regexp should be

  ^from:.*(\s|<)some\.person\.name at gmail\.com(\s|>|$)

and the action Accept.

and that is exactly what I want to do - bypass the header_filter_rules.
But I am
afraid I don't quite understand this advice, Mark. How can I make this
spam rule
supercede other rules (like the one that says the list is moderated).
is no "add new item" button when you haven't got any spam rules. That
comes up when after I create me first rule, which is not superceding the

I should probably not say anything else until Mark logs in. He's
probably looking at
this huge chain and wanting to crack our skulls together like Moe.

 - jim -

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