[Mailman-Users] question mailing lists

publicidad at redconexion.com.mx publicidad at redconexion.com.mx
Tue Feb 9 08:25:29 CET 2010


i have a question, this is the situation

i created a mailing list, and i added about 2000 email directions,
including a hotmail address that i have, so i sent an email to the list,
with the intention to send the message to the 2000 users, and i dont know
if the 2000 users get the message, but the message never got to my
hotmail... so the question is, is there a limit of users that mailing lists
allow, or whar happened in that situation. and if there is no limit, when
does the 2000 users will get my email, at the very instant or 250 per hour
or how does the list works

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