[Mailman-Users] List is too moderated. :-(

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Jan 8 01:27:39 CET 2010

John Fitzsimons wrote:
>Well, actually I am porting to/from a news server. Gmane.
>< snip >
>I had set "The moderation policy of the newsgroup" to "moderated".
>Thank you. This may be where my problem is. If I now set that to
>"none" then do you, or anyone else here, know whether posts will 
>go to the newsgroup by non Mailman members ?

No post will be gated to the newsgroup from the list that is not
accepted by the list.

Please read the page linked from Mail<->News gateways -> (Details for
news_moderation) for a fuller description of these settings. Among
other things you will see

 If the newsgroup is moderated, you can set this mailing list up to be
 the moderation address for the newsgroup. By selecting Moderated, an
 additional posting hold will be placed in the approval process. All
 messages posted to the mailing list will have to be approved before
 being sent on to the newsgroup, or to the mailing list membership. 

This is apparently what you set, but not what you want. I think you
want None which means that any post accepted by the list will also be
forwarded to the newsgroup, but without adding an Approved: header.

In any event, non-member posts to the list will be dealt with according
to *_these_nonmembers and generic_nonmember_action, and if they aren't
accepted for the list, they will not be forwarded to the newsgroup.

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