[Mailman-Users] Sibling List Problem [cPanel]

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jan 16 18:24:59 CET 2010

Mark Sapiro wrote:
>In cPanel regular_include_lists and regular_exclude_lists are broken.
>For regular_include_lists used in lieu of an umbrella as you are
>doing, I think you can use the cPanel munged listname; e.g.,
>child1_example.com at example.com
>and it will work as long as the list address is not in To: or Cc:.
>I.e., if the names as I indicate are in regular_include_lists and you
>mail parent at example.com, I think it will work, but if you mail
>parent at example.com with Cc: child1 at example.com the members of
>child1 at example.com will receive duplicates.

The OP reported back off list that the above workaround does work for
regular_include_lists in cPanel.

Does anyone know how to get cPanel's attention so they might fix this?
I have in the past posted an issue at http://forums.cpanel.net/ and as
far as I can tell, my post was completely ignored. If anyone on this
list is an actual cPanel customer or hosting partner (not just a
user), perhaps we can work together to submit some support tickets.

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