[Mailman-Users] Different Domains on Single Mailman Server

Rosenbaum, Larry M. rosenbaumlm at ornl.gov
Tue Jul 12 16:09:42 CEST 2011

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> Of Mark Sapiro
> KC Wise wrote:
> >
> >Inherited a few mailman servers.  I was wanting to know if I can combine
> >them into a single server/instance.
> >My issue is that they are not subdomains they are completely different
> >domain names for example:
> >something.org
> >lists . somethingelse . com
> >lists . different2 . com
> >
> >Just wanted to make sure that something like this will work before I
> >proceed.
> It will work with standard GNU Mailman in a single instance if all list
> names are globally unique. If you have need of lists with the same

Could you point me to the documentation on implementing virtual domains where the list names are globally unique?  

Thanks, Larry

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