[Python-Dev] Python-Dev Summary Draft (April 1-15, 2007)

Calvin Spealman ironfroggy at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 06:18:25 CEST 2007

There were a good number of skipped threads, but I've been out of the
loop with a lot of busy things keeping me away from such things. Now
that I'm getting back into it, I'll keep up with things again. So, let
me know if any of the skipped threads should be brought in.
Corrections and comments welcome as always.



About SSL tests

An open bug about missing SSL tests (#451607) was brought up to close or keep
open. Jean-Paul Calderone mentioned an improved testing method by spawning a
'openssl s_server' for testing purposes. This sparked some talk about the
terminating of subprocesses in a cross-platform manner (See `Cross-Platform
Subprocess Termination`).

Contributing thread:

- `About SSL tests

Cross-Platform Subprocess Termination

Because os.kill only works on *nix and OS X platforms, leaving Windows
platforms uncovered. Although subprocess.TerminateProcess exists for Windows
platforms, it requires the use of handles and additional overhead for use.
Support was overall given for adding a UNIX-only signal() method and a cross-
platform terminate() method to Popen instances. Nothing was said of actually
incorporating these changes into the subprocess module, although code was

Contributing thread:

- (This was mixed in with the `About SSL tests` thread.)

Extended buffer protocol

Updates to the buffer protocol are discussed, along with the proposal pre-PEP
documenting the updates for Python 3000, but brought to Python-Dev, due so the
plans of backporting to 2.6 afterwards.

(Note: I couldn't summarize this well enough to cover much of it do any real
degree, but it is currently a Py3k issue, so maybe that is OK. If no one wants
to add to the summary, it will stay short.)

Contributing threads:

- `Extended buffer PEP
- `PEP 3118: Extended buffer protocol (new version)
- `Extended Buffer Protocol - simple use examples

function for counting items in a sequence

A patch was submitted by Steven Bethard (http://bugs.python.org/1696199),
implemented a discussed collections.counts() function to provide a mapping
between items in an iterable and the number of times they appear. There were
suggested names, but none overthrew the original 'counts()' and a question of
items not appearing being counted as 0 or raising a KeyError, with 0 winning
due to a just-makes-sense factor.

Contributing thread:

- `function for counting items in a sequence

context manager - generator interaction?

A problem was brought up with iterator context managers and iteration inside
the with-block raising its StopIteration, but being caught by the context
manager mechanics. It was also responded that the problem would not exist
without the use of overly broad try blocks, and this lead to the addition of
a formal note in PEP 8 about keeping narrow try blocks.

Contributing thread:

- `context manager - generator interaction?

proposed which.py replacement

Suggestion of replacing the which.py script in the Tools directory migrated to
its proposal for inclusion into the standard library. A patch and tests have
yet to be provided.

Contributing thread:

- `proposed which.py replacement

minidom and DOM level 2

What is missing for DOM Level 2 support in minidom was highlighted and
some work jumpstarted.

Contributing thread:

- `minidom and DOM level 2

test_pty.py hangs in verbose mode on Mac OS X?

Differing buffering behavior was causing test_pty to block only in verbose
mode. Solutions may include reading to clear the buffer of child processes
before a waitpid() call.

Contributing thread:

- `test_pty.py hangs in verbose mode on Mac OS X?

Deferred Threads

Previous Summaries

Skipped Threads

- `Checking PEP autobuild results
- `Python 2.5.1c1 pickle problem
- `build problem on windows: unable to find getbuildinfo2.c
- `BaseException pickle issue
- `Summary of Tracker Issues
- `possible urllib bug on Windows XP
- `Py2.5.1 release candidate
- `Some new additions to functools
- `Python+XUL <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2007-April/072435.html>`__
- `Distutils and -framework on MacOSX
- `HTTP responses and errors
- `[Python-checkins] svn dead?
- `Just saying hello
- `ok to just checkin minor obvious fixes?
- `__lltrace__ <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2007-April/072608.html>`__
- `new subscriber looking for grunt work
- `functools additions
- `Python Documentation Problem Example
- `Get 2.5 changes in now, branch will be frozen soon
- `Quoting netiquette reminder [Re: proposed which.py replacement]
- `branch is frozen for release of 2.5.1c1 (and 2.5.1)
- `More exposure for PEP8 (was: context manager - generator
interaction?) <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2007-April/072496.html>`__
- `[Python-checkins] Python Regression Test Failures opt (1)
- `Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
- `deprecating BaseException.message
- `USE_FAST code in stringobject.c
- `Fwd: Re: Py2.5.1 release candidate
- `Fwd: Re: Changes to decimal.py
- `svn.python.org
- `[PATCH] pep 0324 URL update
- `Pydoc Rewrite Discussion at doc-sig list.
- `my 2.5 checkins
- `Making builtins more efficient
- `fdopen mode needs sanitizing
- `Py3: function signatures, type checking, and related crap
- `concerns regarding callable() method
- `A Survey on Defect Management Practices in Free/Open Source
Software <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2007-April/072470.html>`__
- `RELEASED Python 2.5.1, release candidate 1
- `Python 3000 PEP: Postfix type declarations
- `test_socketserver flakey?
- `Changes to decimal.py

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