iis and python

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Tue Mar 6 15:42:06 CET 2001

LOL...this is not a flame, I am just chuckling at the same thing.  I have
played that game, and then walked down the hall and beat the newbie with
config scripts and libs.

Its far better to have 30 scripts, with only a few operations or commands
per script, than to have one huge one with all of them.

The only people that dont go with with, in the PHP/Perl case, are those that
have never had to either optimize, or debug someone elses huge script.

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> > In order to use python it would have to entail cgi or ASP. Is this
> correct.
> > Or is there an alternative. I dont know if Zope is the right thing. I
> > DTML.
> Zope is very powerful, and if you want to you can write almost all your
> in Python. DTML is there for presentation, not for logic, and should only
> used for simple processing.
> > Is using python in ASP a pain in the but? Am I going to have to learn a
> > whole technology just to implelment python well into it?
> No, its fairly straighforward. However, before you go the ASP route, take
> the time to examine Webware. Webware gives you ASP with Python, as well as
> Python Server Pages and servlets - very powerful, easy to use, and pure
> Python.
> > I hear troubleshooting ASP pages is not fun.
> Correct.
> > The only time I have used iis is with php and it was a total snap.
> Painless.
> PHP is fine, but I've had the pleasure of debugging someone else's massive
> 'one-script-wonder', and I remembered what my misgivings about Perl-based
> languages were. Don't flame me, PHPer's, I still like the language!
> cheers

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