How to store passwords?

MRAB google at
Wed Jan 7 23:00:12 CET 2009

Oltmans wrote:
> On Jan 8, 1:55 am, "Sebastian Bassi" <sba... at> 
> wrote:
>> In general you don't store the password, but a "hash" of it. Then 
>> when the user logs-in, you hash it and compare the result with the
>> stored hash. About hash, use sha, look 
>> here:
> But the thing is that I will ask the user for user name and password 
> only once i.e. when they start the application for the first time. 
> After that, I'm not supposed to ask the user name and password again.
> So in this scenario, if I store a hash on the disk I cannot retrieve
> plain-text string back from my hash as I've to send user name and 
> password to the server in plain-text.
Is the application itself password-protected? If not, then there's no
point in encrypting the username and password for the server in a file
because anyone could just run the application after the first time and
use it to access the server.

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