[Types-sig] Types sig dead or alive

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 08:10:16 -0500

Jim, I am happy to temporarily banish interface discussions from the

But...is it likely that you guys will have some Zope-interface
experience by the conference? I'm sure you guys are as up-to-the-wazoo
as the rest of us but it would be cool if we could get a mini-report on
whether the interfaces proposal *works*. Let me stress that I understand
that you are probably more focused on having new features in Zope for
the conference.

 Paul Prescod

Jim Fulton wrote:
> Paul Prescod wrote:
> >
> (snip)
> > Jim
> > can at the same time circulate an interfaces proposal.
> nah nah nah ... Jim is out of the interface proposal business,
> at least for now. There was alot of discussion last year that
> smelled reasonbly much like consensus. I put out a v0.1 release
> and waited the usual 1 year for comments. I've updated the release
> to reflect the 1 comment I got and have re-released the software.
> See: http://www.zope.org/Members/jim/PythonInterfaces/Summary
> I'll be releasing this more widely (comp.lang.python)
> and I imagine that someone will learn alot more about it
> while incorporating it into Zope.  After we get some
> experience using it, we should devide what, if anything more
> to do with it, especially in standard Python releases.
> > I am only interested at this point in the static type checking problem.
> Cool.
> (snip)
> > I am happy to have interfaces discussions in the sig
> Please, lets refocuss the SIG and let interfaces escape.
> If anyone really cares about interfaces, lets form a separate
> SIG or mailing list.
> BTW, let's let the "Classes vs. types dichotomy" escape too.
> I promise to attempt a summary of the earlier discussions.
> Then we can decide what, if anything, to do next based on that.
> Jim
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